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Our 2013 Season

Jan/Feb 2013 • Directed by Andrew McMasters
An improvised comedy in the style of the works of Jane Austen.    (More info)
The 2013 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater
February 13-17, 2013
The nationís best improv comedy festival.    (More info)
Mar/Apr 2013 • Directed by Joe Koenen
The very model of a modern major comedy.    (More info)
May/June 2013 • Created by Laura Turner and Randy Miller, Directed by Brandon Jepson
Murder in the Age of Progress.    (More info)

Aug/Sept 2013 • Directed by Mike Christensen
A thrillingly improvised play about forgotten cities, ancient relics and deadly adversaries.    (More info)
Oct/Nov 2013 • Directed by Graham Downing
Set in Salem, several women are accused of witchcraft. Will the audience find them innocent or guilty?    (More info)

EVERY Friday and Saturday at 10:30pm, and most Saturdays at 8:00pm • Directed by Mike Christensen
Seattle's Best Comedy, now in its 20th year.   (More info)
The last weekend of EVERY month • Directed by Mike Christensen
A fun old movie with a funny new twist.   (More info)