JON AXELL (Ensemble, Assistant Director)
Jon just spent four years as a performer and one year as the director of the University of Washington's best and only improv troupe, The Collective. With Wing-It Productions he is a regular cast member of Jet City Improv (since 2005) and has appeared in Twisted Flicks, Time Quest, Clues, Hogwash, and Election Show 2008, and is a teaching artist with the education program. He would like to thank his family friends, and credits them for his ability to feel so very comfortable around puppets and monsters.

Jeremy has been working with Wing-It for nearly two years. Before Wing-It Jeremy was actor and producer of Northern Michigan University's #1 Improv Group "On the Spot". After coming out to the magical Pacific Northwest, Jeremy has appeared in Wing-It's The Declaration, Most Extreme Improv Ninja Challenge, the Performance Series, the Improv 201 showcase, and has lent his technical talents to D.R., Reunion Tour, Lease, and most recently, Election Show. Jeremy loves puppets because of this show, and hopes you will love the show as much as he loves puppets.

Over and Through is Keli's sixth Wing-It show and she is super excited about this one because she gets to use puppets! She is a new member of Jet-City Improv, an old member of the Seattle-based Beta Society, and she will return this Christmas in Wing-It's Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas. During the day she teaches math in an adult basic ed. program for a local non-profit. She is recently ENGAGED to fellow improvisor Conor McNassar, who buys her dranks and sings "Aladdin" duets with her. Lastly, Keli would like to thank her parents and sisters for being so amazing and making everything possible for her. She loves them times infinity squared.

Chris is unbelievably excited to be making his debut with Wing-It Productions. He has also spent time at the HUT as a volunteer and House Manager. He received his BA in Theatre from Western Washington University where he was also a member of their improv troupe The Dead Parrots Society. He is a local teaching artist for the Seattle Children's Theatre and Wing-It Productions. He would like to thank his wonderful girlfriend Tessa for all her love and support. She reminds him of the babe with the power of voodoo (who do?). Dance, magic, dance!

RACHEL JACKSON (Ensemble, Puppet Designer)
Rachel is happy to be back at Wing-It Productions, this time with less blood and more puppets. An evil marketing director by day, in the evenings you may have seen her in D.R. and Pent Up or, less locally, in Complet Wrks of Wllm Shaxpear (Abrdgd) and Henry IV, Part 1. Rachel's puppet creations most recently appeared in S2. Since transplanting to Seattle from St. Louis, Rachel has enjoyed working with Annex Theatre, Theatre Schmeater and KRAM Improv. Her extra-theatricular interests include poetry and pie.

Destiny has enjoyed improv, stuffed animals and that "theater smell" all her life. So, it makes good sense to roll all three together into one amazing improv show. She wishes to thank her fun(ny) cast, swearing director Brandon, and her amazing loving husband Justin. Destiny gives no thanks to her cat Rizzo who did absolutly nothing to help with this production exept run from the puppets she used to rehearse with. Enjoy the show, may it take you Over and Through!

Stephani has been with Jet City Improv and Wing-It Productions for just over a year now. She's graced the stage in such shows as Hogwash, Last Call, Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas, Shades of Gray, and had her directorial debut with Your Job Sucks!. Stephani couldn't be happier to work with puppets because they don't cry when you scream at them and don't bite when you try to strangle them. Stephani is also known as Fanny Tragic, Seattle's only burlesque clown. She's also looking forward to her next show with co-star Keli Carender called Show In Your Mouth coming in January.

ELIZABETH WESTERMAN (Ensemble, Puppet Designer)
Elizabeth has been improvising for 8 years. She has been fortunate enough to play with both Unexpected Productions and Jet City Improv. She began working with puppets about 4 years ago and has produced three improvised puppet shows in the Seattle area. She designed and built many of the puppets that you will see in Over and Through.

Amanda Lee is happy to be returning to the HUT stage with Wing-It Productions. You may have seen her around town as a stand up comedian at the Comedy Underground, Laff Hole, Laughs in Kirkland, The Entertainment Show, Bumbershoot and more. She is also a member of the improv group Dartmondo. Amanda is currently the Director of Education at Youth Theatre Northwest.

Ray has been a Seattle native since 1998 and is excited to be working once again with Wing-It! He has been seen most recently in Wing-It's late night show Your Job Sucks! and last summer's Breaking News and occasionally touting an excruciatingly bad German accent as the reoccurring Dr. Sexyourheimer in Suave (also with Wing-It). Raymond is a member of EXITheatre and The Beta Society and has performed in Macha Monkey's Franklin & Figaro, Annex Theater's And Also Fierce and Rooms, 7 Strangers, and 7 Minutes in Heaven with EXITheatre. Raymond would like to thank the folks at Wing-It (both flesh and cloth) for being so much fun!

This is Brandon's fifth Wing-It show is creator and/or director, after The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show and The Short List (both with Douglas S. Willott), PROJECT: B-Movie (with Andrew McMasters) and Clues. You also may have seen him in such Wing-It shows as Jet City Improv (since 1998), The Irish Wake, D.R., and The Beauty Pageant (as Brandine Washington), and in such other Seattle shows as Theater Schmeater's Money and Run. He thanks his wife Shannon for her endless love, advice, support and cockatoo impressions.

ANTHONY Van WINKLE (Stage Manager)
Anthony is a seven year veteran of tech improv, including five years as technical director for The Collective, UW's best (and only) improve troupe. Nowadays, when he's not directing/producing "Night Zero", a photographic zombie comic book, he can regularly be found running the booth at Wing-It Productions (Shades of Gray, the Irish Wake, The Declaration), Unexpected Productions (TheaterSports), and the Fremont Outdoor Movies. He is also known to provide design & tech support for the University of Washington and Seattle area theaters, but is happiest where he is right now... right above you.